As you are reading this, millions of children are living their lives without a mother and father to care for them. Whether in a Russian orphanage or a US foster home,  these youngsters, through no fault of their own, are deprived of the most basic human need, the love of a parent.

I encourage you to explore the possibility of adoption. It can be a daunting process. Whether you adopt internationally or domestically, it is time-consuming and stressful. But when you are holding your new son or daughter, it is all worth it, a thousand times over. If adoption fees are all that is keeping you from expanding your family through adoption, we want to  help.

In 2006, Schneider & Associates began an adoption grant program. The program is open to anyone and everyone. We will contribute $5,000.00 to any properly accredited private or governmental adoption organization in the name of the prospective adoptive parents. If you and your spouse wish to apply for this annual grant, please print the application below and mail it to our office.  All applications must be submitted by October 1st each calendar year for consideration. The selected applicant will be notified by December 1st each calendar year.


Brian Schneider

Eligibility to receive a grant is based upon financial need and each case is judged individually. Our objective is to help families who have exhausted all other sources of funds and can not proceed with the adoption without our financial assistance. Families should only apply for the grant after they have chosen an adoption agency and are familiar with the steps involved in adoption. All grant applicants must be using an adoption agency that is licensed in their state of operation.

Before potential adoptive families apply for the grant, they should first try to obtain funds from other sources such as friends, relatives and home equity loans.

Schneider & Associates provides funds to cover only a portion of the adoption.  Prospective parents are responsible for assuring that they have the initial portion of the adoption fees. Once approved for the grant, the funds will be dispersed several weeks prior to the adoption being finalized.

The following list details the materials we will need to process your application:

1. A letter briefly describing your family, your desire to adopt and information on your current financial barriers to adoption.
2. Copies of your previous two years tax returns.
3. A copy of your home study.
4. A copy of most recent pay stub for all applicants.
5. Copy of drivers license for all applicants.
6. Copy of agency fee schedule.
7. All application materials.