Independent Claims Adjusters

Here are some of our advantages:

Expert adjusters: Unlike the typical insurance claims company, we employ only experienced independent claims adjusters who have prior employment with insurance companies. You will never have to worry that an “investigator” is learning how to be an “claim adjuster” while handling one of your claims.

Quality Control: Our supervisors monitor the progress of each claim assignment to ensure our work product exceeds the highest industry standards.

Flexible Reporting: Reports can be delivered digitally in PDF or through regular mail. Clients can access all reports, documents and notes related to an assignment by accessing “claims tracker”, our password protected insurance claims management interface.

Detail: We are well known for our easy to read, comprehensive report format. You will not need to read through numerous pages to find one small detail. Entrusting us with an assignment will save you time and increase your productivity.

Centralized Assignment Intake: You will not need to search through a booklet for the appropriate office to assign a claim. Simply call/fax our central office or go on-line to assign a claim anywhere in our service territory.

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