Values and Mission

Schneider &
Associates Values and Mission Statement 

We at Schneider & Associates Claim Services believe that every sunrise invites a new opportunity for each us of to help make the world a better place. We do this in our personal lives and also carry this value through to affect how we conduct ourselves as members of the Schneider & Associates family. Above all else, Schneider & Associates values goodness, kindness and gratitude for the chance we’re given each day to improve ourselves and positively affect others.

Insurance claims arise due to sometimes tragic and most times unfortunate events that can leave persons emotionally traumatized, injured or under economic threat. We exist as a company to make our customers’ job easier by quickly, expertly and accurately completing assignments entrusted to us. We are passionate about delivering the industry best product to our clients. We are committed to helping people put their lives back together when they’ve suffered a loss. We’re just as committed to making sure that those persons who make false or inflated claims are not successful. We seek to achieve these ends by constantly looking for better ways to do things, investing in new technologies and increasing our knowledge-base.

Finally, Schneider & Associates values each and every member of our team. We are, all of us, traveling for a while on this road together and our shared commitment to the above principles informs all we do to achieve our personal, professional and collective success.

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The Schneider Advantage


Expert Adjusters

Our  adjusters all have company claim department experience.  In addition to being excellent investigators, they are well versed in policy language, insurance law and negotiation. You won’t have to worry that an “investigator” is learning how to be an “adjuster” while handling one of your losses.


Quality Control

A good adjuster is only as good as the system she operates within. After thirty years in the industry, we’ve developed efficient and reliable workflows. Supervisors monitor each claim to ensure our work product is consistently excellent. Reports go through three rigorous review stages before being submitted to you.



Our easy to read, comprehensive report format is crafted to save you time. The “summary” caption lists your most important action items. The remainder of the report outline breaks down individual items in an intuitive manner so that you will not have to read several pages searching for the one thing you’re looking for.


Fieldstar Reporting System™

Our proprietary reporting system features:
• Video of participant perspective
• Video narration of property losses
• Video verification of contents
• Embedded hyperlinks
• Statement audio embedded into reports
• Video of canine behavior for dog bite cases